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Our Features.

Whether you are an existing business or new, our features can be used in order to help you and your associates to handle the workload of your company. Our pay monthly plans will not only help you improve your work but will also help you expand your abilities with minimum cost. Our hard core development team is constantly working to make Redunto your one stop for all your major cloud requirements.

Website Design

Say hello to your new website and get ready for maximum performance. In Redunto we create beautiful responsive designs that comply with all new technologies. We use powerful tools to create, redesign or even custom design websites from scratch. So embrace the technology provided, and join the Redunto community today!

Domain + Email

Search no more. We provide you all the necessary tools to get the domain name you like and in the same time, to create all the emails you need to communicate with your chain. Individual or big company? No hassle! Using our services you can get one or multiple email addresses and add to your pay monthly account for just a small fee. Each email account comes with additional 300mb inbox.

Custom Forms

For whatever reason you need to create a form, in order to get your audience to send you their data, we‘ve got you covered. Get our unique custom form plugin and modify it to meet your requirements. This way your visitors can easily enter their data and directly send it to you.

Cloud file Sharing

Register now, and start uploading your sensitive content to your personal cloud folder. Our reliable, secure file sharing plugin is the way to keep your data like documents and images protected and safe. We provide many options in our dedicated file-sharing servers that will help you organize and more importantly give you access to your data no matter where you are


Our servers provide reliable websites with 99.9% uptime guaranteed. Regarding the disk space you need, you can choose among our hosting plans or even combine a pay monthly website with cloud file sharing. This way you can tailor any plan to exactly what you really need. As web hosting provider we offer 24/7 support through email and phone (local only). We offer many hosting options for every budget and the ability to upgrade as your business grows bigger.


Sharing your thoughts has never been easier! Redunto blogging plugin can be installed in your pay monthly website, or can be used as a stand-alone blog website. The blog features we provide will help you create killer pages through the ease of publishing.